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Start writing, no matter what. The water doesn’t flow until the faucet is turned on.” Louis L’amour

Your writing journey

Writing coach/mentor as a term can mean many different things. For me it means having someone walk alongside you as you progress on your writing journey. You decide whether that is as a point of accountability or whether you want more indepth feedback, advice and help.

Having someone walk alongside you on your writing journey can be enormously helpful. A fresh pair of eyes can help you see yourself and your talents in a different light in terms of freshening up your CV and personal statement for example. It may be that you’re working on a business plan and you are struggling to structure it right, you feel it doesn’t flow or perhaps you’re struggling to concisely convey the details you feel are essential.

Sometimes it’s about having a writing coach/mentor to help you identify the challenges that stop you writing and, more importantly, help you to overcome them. This can be the difference between just having a great idea and actually getting it down on paper, out there and shared with people who, frankly, need to hear your words, your story.


Do you have a writing project that you’re working on that simply doesn’t seem to be working? Or do you feel blocked, unable to write even a first word, let alone a sentence?

Whatever written project you want to move along this year, you don’t need to do it alone.

I can help by providing structured mentoring/coaching around the writing project you need and want to create.

Writing coach/mentor projects

  • Rewriting your CV or putting together a personal statement for a job application
  • Pulling together a business plan or strategy document
  • Feedback and support for your new blog or website
  • Coaching support for the novel, short story, collection of poems or a script you’ve been chewing over for a while.
  • Or something else entirely!

I also run writing workshops and provide online support sessions from time to time. Keep checking the site or contact me directly for more details.

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