New Courses 2021!

If you want to start the new year working in community with other women exploring challenging ideas from the cosiness of your own front room then check out the first course of the year Journaling with Audre Lorde.

More details below:

Journaling Audre Lorde

5 week online course, Wednesday evenings 8pm – 9:15pm from 20th January 2021, £10 per session or £40 for full course

“I am myself – a Black woman warrior poet doing my work – come to ask, are you doing yours?”

Audre Lorde was a black, lesbian, feminist, socialist, activist, poet and mother of two, whose revolutionary intersectional feminist writings are as relevant today as they ever have been. The experience of reading her work is often transformative.

Her essays ask tough questions:

  • Are we, as women, as feminists, doing the work we are here on this planet to do?
  • What are we staying silent about in our lives that need to be spoken?
  • What is the face of the fear that keeps us silent?
  • How can poetry help us to visualize new and different future free from the tyrannies of patriarchy?

In this five week course we will examine and reflect on the questions and challenges Lorde poses in her essays and poetry. Through a mixture of quiet writing time, group discussion and other activities we will seek solutions and strategies for the ways (small and large) we may make changes to our own lives in order that we might build towards a more equal and fair future.

By the end of the course we will have gained insight into our lives individually and collectively and have begun to develop a deeper knowledge about the work of Audre Lorde.

You will need: Pen(s)/pencil(s) – Invest in a new stationery! Go colourful with your pens! Start a new journal/notebook – ideally plain pages, for doodling as well as writing. Come with an open, curious heart and a willingness to share your thoughts with the group.

You do not need: Any previous knowledge or experience of Audre Lorde and her writing – it is as accessible as it is beautiful.

You might want: to buy a copy of Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde – though copies of the essays can be circulated to you prior to the sessions if you prefer.

Email me directly if you would like more information or to sign up to the course.

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