Content writing

“Easy reading is damn hard writing.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

Good content writing

Just because good content writing appears effortless, like a beautiful swan gliding across a lake, you should never under estimate the legwork that needs to go on under the surface to create it.

We all know it when we see it. We recognise the value that it can bring to ourselves and others.

However the challenge presented by good content writing is that it needs more time than many people feel able to give to it.


That time can feel wasteful. You’re a busy person. Time is valuable and usually at a premium. An hour spent writing content that still doesn’t seem to do the job you need it to is frustrating. And sadly many of us are still scarred by past experiences, the judgements of others as to how we feel about the quality of our writing.

In bigger organisations there are often whole teams of people who are employed to craft communications but for smaller and medium sized businesses this can feel like an expensive luxury and one that detracts from the core purpose of the organisation.


In these instances outsourcing the work to a freelancer is often a great solution. You can purchase the specific items you need created and you can do that on an as and when basis. This is something I can help with.

I can work with you to create clear, engaging and targeted copy in the following areas:

  • Website copywriting – SEO friendly, with long and short tailed keyword
  • Copywriting for marketing collateral (leaflets, postcards, brochures, product blurbs
  • Emarketing copy (email newsletters)
  • Social media posts and campaigns
  • White papers
  • Press releases

I’ve created copy in each of these areas for a variety of software companies, academic publishing, environmental consultancy, coaching, theatre & arts organisations and financial data service providers.

If you’d like to see examples of my work and testimonials from various companies I’ve worked with please do contact me for details.

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