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“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world” – Philip Pullman, novelist

because stories matter…

Rebecca MegsonStories and story telling (and tea) are what fuel my world. If I find myself becoming tetchy, prickly or just downright awful to be around, I can almost guarantee it’s because I haven’t spent enough time either reading or writing (or, worst of all worlds, both!).

I’m pretty evangelical about reading and writing. I believe that both activities have the power to change our world. That change might be personal, reading a great story can transport you to another place and return you with a new perspective. Or a story might spur you into action; telling your own story might be the beginning of an important and necessary revolution. It all starts with one word…

This blog is all about stories. It’s a place where I share my stories with you – stories about my life as a mum and as a writer, as well as stories about issues close to my heart such as death, grieving, social justice and the environment. I may also share some of my creative writing stories too, as time goes on.

Your story matters

In addition to writing for pleasure and curiosity I am also a freelance writer. As a champion of story writing I also coach and mentor other people with their writing projects. Again if that’s something you’d like to find out more about then click here.

Read on Macduff…

If you’re reading this right now, then you’re very much an early adopter to the site (thank you and welcome!). If you’re interested in reading some of my writing you might like to visit a previous blog I wrote which can be found here.


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